An individualist, like most artists, I prefer the privacy of my workshop and the company of tools and new ideas. I get inspiration from the natural world, although the human being, as part of it, plays an integral part in my projects. Contemporary jewelry is my way to express myself, my thoughts and feelings, as well as how I perceive my environment. A piece of jewelry is not just decoration; it is a sculpture for the human body – an object that provokes by its size and shape, function or lack of it.



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“Taming” is a research project into the protective reactions of plants, animals and human beings. Self-preservation ensures the survival of an organism. Pain and fear are parts of this mechanism. There is a contrast between the fragile, glossy ceramic and the strong, matt steel. The use of leather symbolises the taming of the wild. Taming my own creatures, safe and aggressive, wild and domesticated, black and white, strong and fragile. By taming my emotions, I am taming myself.


Adaptation 2014



The Adaptation Project reinterprets the relationship between human and nature. Through the recycling of out-of-use porcelain and ceramic objects from everyday life, I create new artifacts. The organic three-dimensional forms are inspired by smooth surfaces, lines and orifices of clam shells and bones. Balancing between the abstract and easily-recognizable, I adjust the ordinary objects to the world of my imagination and give them a new lease of life.


Adaptation 2013

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project for Ivan Asen 22